A Science Community

“Doing science” is rarely an individual effort. Technological and medical advances of today are a result of efforts made by scientists years ago. Science builds on the work of the past to improve our society for the future. Science is built by a community.

No where is this community more apparent than in graduate school. As a budding scientist, graduate students eagerly learn the tricks of the trade from their mentors and their peers. Thought provoking discussions occur over breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Grad students go to scientific meetings to hear about other people’s research and within each department at every academic research institution weekly seminars are given by scientists in order to disseminate their research. As a grad student, one quickly realizes that the key to success in the lab is to join in and become an active member of this community.

Yet as a graduate student, working his or her days and nights away in a lab, the world can get quite lonely. But it’s important to maintain a certain level of communication with your science peers. What better way than an online forum? Head over to ¬†Science Matters,¬†post your research problems and ask one another for help. These forums were developed to grow the science community.

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