What is in a Unit Study Packet?

These unit studies are designed using the classical approach to education.  Each packet consists of short reading passages for the child or teacher to read, vocabulary, copywork, activities, discussion questions, enrichment activities, and an assessment.  Each unit study is scripted to help the teacher with teaching science.

So what is in a unit study packet?  Each packet varies in length.  Typically, there are 5-10 lessons per packet and usually take about a month to complete (if science is studied 2-3 times per week).  Each lesson follows this general format:

1)     Read through the lesson with your student

2)     Complete the activity

3)     Construct the notebook page

At the conclusion of these activities, the student can use the enrichment lesson for further exploration.  An assessment is also provided with guidelines for scoring.  An assessment tracker is available as a free download.

As with all teaching, you (or your child) will come up with more ideas to explore.  This is encouraged!  Once you work through a few activities, you will feel more comfortable with constructing your own notebook pages.  I have provided free blank notebook pages here for use if desired.

Head over to the Free Curriculum Store to download lesson plans, activity pages and notebook pages.

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