Unit Study 2 Elementary Science – Living and Non-living

My second unit study focuses on distinguishing living from non-living.  My curriculum units are now free, so please take a moment to head over to the curriculum store and take a look around.

This curriculum unit has 8 lessons including an assessment and associated notebooking pages.

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A Note about my Unit Studies

My curriculum units are designed to ease prepwork on the part of the teacher.  Using scientific concepts highlighted by Bernard Nebel, Ph.D. and his three-volume science curriculum titled Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding,  I have constructed a scripted curriculum for parent-teachers to follow.  The curriculum is currently available as unit studies. Each unit consists of two parts – the activity guide (the lessons) and the notebook pages.

I have chosen to develop these unit studies following the educational philosophy of Understanding by Design.  I took a graduate course in this philosophy which basically states that units should be developed around the end assessment and what the child should be able to do.  In this light, I have designed these units around student production.  What can the student create, perform, or present that can demonstrate to someone else, that the student truly understands?

I have also incorporated many classical education methodologies, including copywork and narrations.  Susan Wise Bauer’s works have also influenced my unit studies, particularly how she has developed her Story of the World Activity Book.  Jessie Wise’s, Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading has also been truly helpful in developing scripted science lessons.

Instructional Methodology:  Classical Model of Education

  • Copywork
  • Narrations
  • Hands on activities
  • Performance products
  • Project-based learning
  • Interdisciplinary – ELA and math activities included

Activity guide includes:

  • 6 lessons
  • 1 enrichment activity
  • 1 assessment

Student Notebook pages includes:

  • Components that are required to complete the lesson
  • Components to help construct notebook pages

To purchase head over to the Free Curriculum Store.

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