The Dangerous Zebra Mussels

by C. Eaton

I was at a swim meet for Masters Swimming at  Edgewater Beach in July, when I found a crazy shell on the beach.  It was as big as my pinkie and looked like a heart. It was black, brown, and gray.  My mom told me that it was a zebra shell.  I lost the shell but I drew a picture of it.  WIN_20180815_16_40_33_Pro (2)


When we got home, we decided to find out more about zebra mussels.  As scientists, we began to ask a bunch of questions.  My first question was about what zebra mussels eat.  I was curious about this question because I am always hungry.  

What do zebra mussels eat? 

I found out from the University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute, that zebra mussels eat plankton.  Plankton are tiny creatures that are microscopic.  Plankton are a type of protozoans.  I was curious about what they looked like, so I looked up a picture of plankton.  This is what I found.


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