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About Practicing

Piano is a skill.  There is much talk that people have talent, but honestly, I do not believe it. Playing piano and playing piano well depends on how much you practice.  If you have ever watched the documentary “The Reluctant Prodigy” Jan Lisiecki almost seems insulted that people do not give credit to his work ethic.

I always say to myself, and my kids, practice today and you will be better tomorrow.



About My Teaching

The curriculum I use with my students is from the Royal Conservatory of Music.  The program is very strong.  There are 12 levels, beginning with the Preparatory A and B levels and then progressing from Level 1 through Level 10.  The program consists of Ear Training, Sight Reading, Repetoire pieces (engaging and fun – great choices) and Etudes.  The Repetoire and Etudes books come with recordings.  The Ear Training/Sight Reading book has daily lessons for the student to complete as well as online ear training.  Theory courses are also available.

Practical examinations and theory examinations are available through the Royal Conservatory of Music and the student can earn certificates.  These certificates issued by RCM are a great way to document all the work and effort (and money!) that goes into years of piano lessons.  Since its hard to play a piece for the admission counselor, its nice to have some sort of documentation. I can’t imagine college admission counselors not being impressed when viewing these certificates in an application.

You can purchase curriculum for RCM from their bookstore.  Amazon also carries their books.

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